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5 Things Your Mom Says That You Should Remember


Most of the kids would say that moms are annoying because they scold them everyday. That may be true for some, but let’s take it positively. Moms act like that because they care for us and they want only what’s best for us.

Have you recalled what your mom told you everyday? Here are the 5 famous lines told by mom that you’ll never forget:

“You need to sleep early”

Sleep is always necessary, not just for children, but for adults as well. Since your mind and body needs to rest, sleep will suffice. It helps your body to regain energy and helps keep your mind focused all the time. If you’re asking why you need to sleep early? It’s because your body regenerates usually during night time.

“You need to eat your breakfast”

Because your mom cares for you, she wants to keep you energetic for the whole day, that’s why she wants you to eat your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s where your body takes energy to be used for the whole day.

“You need a check up with your doctor”

Mothers are always cautious about everything, even your health. No matter how menial your illness is, even if it’s just a cough or cold, she still wants you to appoint with a doctor. That’s how caring and how meticulous mothers are.

“Always clean your things”

It’s up to you if you agree with this or not, but most of the time, mothers say this almost everyday, not just to their children, but even to anyone living inside the house. They want to make sure that everything’s decluttered. What’s beneficial with this is that cleanliness prevents you and your family to be surrounded by virus or bacteria that will affect anyone’s health.

“You need to take these vitamins”

Aside from eating, mothers will always remind you to take vitamins everyday so you will have enough nutrients you need to keep yourself healthy and protected. They can’t protect you from illnesses or diseases, but they can help you shield the viruses by letting you take the right nutrients and minerals that your body needs.

Always bear in mind that everything they do is for our own sake. Love your mothers like how they always love you and care for you. Since it’s almost Mother’s Day, don’t forget to show your love and appreciation for them by surprising them and giving them what they deserve.

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