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What You Need to Know about Psoriasis

Have you ever heard about psoriasis? A lot of people have been talking about this certain skin disease, especially in social media. Recently, a famous model just admitted that she has been living with psoriasis, and it has caused her … Continue reading

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How Can a Pharmacy Be Convenient For You?

Normally when you are looking for the healthcare products you need for a better life, you will need to visit a pharmacy. However, with work and other responsibilities, it can be a hassle to visit a pharmacy to fill your … Continue reading

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Hemophilia: Care and Management

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder; females inherit the genes and become its carriers. However, it only manifests in the male offspring. The unfounded belief against the disease is that a person who has it will bleed from even the smallest … Continue reading

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Transgender Hormone Therapy: What is About?

Hormones are powerful chemicals that help control your bodily functions. Transgender transitioning from male to female or female to male would particularly be about two hormones: androgen and estrogen. These chemicals are potent enough to signal the body about the … Continue reading

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Some Tips for Traveling Abroad

If you plan on traveling abroad this summer, it is important to consider some aspects regarding your health and the medication you need to take so you are able to travel from country to country smoothly and without any problems! … Continue reading

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