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Hemophilia: Care and Management

Hemophilia: Care and Management

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder; females inherit the genes and become its carriers. However, it only manifests in the male offspring. The unfounded belief against the disease is that a person who has it will bleed from even the smallest of cuts or even bleed faster than normal. There is no truth to this! What happens when you have hemophilia is that you just bleed longer than the rest because there is a small amount of clotting factors present in your blood.

The Impacts of Hemophilia

A family who has a son with hemophilia will need to initiate adjustments in their family life and it is also good to emphasize the point about partnering with specialist medical professionals in order to have a guide in the management of the disease.

A good point to remember is that cuts or scrapes are not the major concern that the family should be worried about, although it pays to be vigilant about such cases, but it is the instances where internal bleeding happens that has to be treated with seriousness. With the improvement in medical care and availability of specialty medications, life expectancy for hemophiliac has markedly improved up to the level of a normal human lifespan.

Treatment For Hemophilia

Although there is no established cure yet for the disease, there are medicines that’ll help alleviate the symptoms. For instance:

  • In cases of severe bleeding, platelet replacement therapy is initiated. Where the needed blood cells, which helps in clotting, is given intravenously. Depending on the kind of hemophilia you have, and the severity of the bleeding, such treatment can be given in a span of 2 days or more.

  • Most specialty pharmacies, like Morris Ave Pharmacy, enable families who are caring for patients with hemophilia to get easy access to needed medicines. These pharmacies are now equipped with antifibrinolytic agents, pain medications, steroids, and desmopressin which are essential in the management of the disease.

It would be beneficial for these families to partner with a Pharmacy in Bronx, New York and get the necessary education regarding the pharmaceutical management needed by their loved one. Consulting with a pharmacist will mean that all medications are laid out and are checked for any incompatibilities so as to ensure that they can work best for the person who is suffering from hemophilia. It is imperative to point out that certain medication will make bleeding difficult to treat or can likewise initiate a spontaneous bleeding to happen. Additionally, certain painkillers, NSAIDS, aspirin, and other similar drugs should always be checked and avoided until cleared for use by a specialist physician.

Management is key in addressing the problems of hemophilia. The right lifestyle change has to be initiated so that appropriate results will happen along the way. With so many advancements that happened in treating people with hemophilia, it’s not anymore as worrying as it was many years before.

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