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Looking for Highly Specialized Medications? Check Us Out

There are highly specialized medications for highly sophisticated illnesses and medical cases as there are hard to find medicines for rare diseases.

As life forms on earth continue to improve and evolve, so are the different diseases and physical conditions. Along with the development, the corresponding antidotes need to keep abreast of what’s new. So, for the rare diseases, there are also corresponding rare medications.

Because they are rare and highly specialized, some drug outlets no longer bother to keep an inventory of them. They would rather focus on keeping stocks of the usual and common diseases.

But our drugstore Morris Ave Pharmacy, the highly specialized pharmacy in Bronx, New York, has made a promise and mission to allocate equal and quality health care to the community by providing them with the best and reliable medical products, equipment and services economically achievable to all. We strive to support our patients in their difficult times as we choose the perfect remedies to alleviate their struggles.

And that includes the rare and specialized medications, or those medications that are required by the ultra-modern lifestyle.

Rare and Specialized Medicines

Let’s cite some of them here.

Of course, who does not know about human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, which if left untreated can develop into a full-blown acquired immune deficiency syndrome, known popularly as AIDS? Most everyone is familiar with it.

Medications for HIV/AIDS are indeed hard to find but we have some products that can help alleviate cases of this.

Another product category that is slowly growing in demand nowadays because of the increasing number of individuals who have opted to change their gender or sexual makeup – from male to female and vice versa — is transgender hormone therapy (more details on this in a separate blog.)

Those who have undergone transplants of their vital organs can heave a sigh of relief once they know us. We are keeping an inventory of products for transplant patients.

Yet another disorder (if we can call it such) that is caused by the present-day way of life is opioid dependence. You hear cases of this among celebrities and scions of well-heeled families. We also have products for this condition.

Our business is right here in New York, hence it’s just proper that we keep stocks of this type of medicines.

We Take Care of Common Illnesses, Too

While we trumpet our hard to find products, we also cater to the less sophisticated maladies such as psoriasis, kidney problems, diabetes, hepatitis, arthritis and so on. We even have a veterinary corner for our pets and other animals.

We are just trying to be true to our vision of being a refuge for comfort and ease for the communities in and around Bronx, New York. Morris Ave Pharmacy takes its role seriously as one of the backbones comprising the medical team by supplying the healthcare needs of the people here at the most stable and trustworthy quality.

If you are a resident or visitor of Bronx, New York and you find a hard time looking for the prescribed medication of a loved one or for yourself, look no further. The updated pharmacy in Bronx, New York is just within your vicinity.

Refer your concerns to us now at our store in 675 Morris Ave. The Bronx, New York 10451 (view map and directions »).

Or give us a call at 718-292-2500.

For your convenience, you can opt to fax your orders, inquiries or requests to us at 718-292-2600, or maybe email them at These lines of communication are always available for you.

Please take note of our hours of operation:

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Have you experienced not knowing where to buy a certain medicine for a rare medical condition of a family member? How was it like? Please join our discussion by posting your comments and experiences in the space provided below.

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