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Bronx New York - Medication Specialties

specialtiesSpecialty Medication at Morris Ave Pharmacy – for all medicinal uses and health issues!

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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

When you feel like your hormones are out of balance, your quality of life could also be diminished. Many of us when we reach a certain age can grow tired easily, lack energy for daily living tasks and have trouble sleeping at night. With Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT), your pharmacist at Morris Ave Pharmacy can prepare specialty medication to restore your hormonal balance.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease can seek help from pharmacists at Morris Ave Pharmacy. We have specialty medication and therapeutic medicine for your unique condition. Our medications may also be used by patients undergoing dialysis treatment or those who have undergone Kidney transplants as a receiver or a donor.

Crohn’s Disease

Specialty Medications to treat Chron’s Disease are available at Morris Ave Pharmacy. When you receive a prescription from your physician, you can talk to our pharmacist about the best way to fulfill the medication plan. Some medications may be taken orally or intravenously such as anti-inflammatory drugs, meds for immunomodulators, antibiotics/antibacterial and corticosteroids. Patients with this illness are highly fragile so our pharmacists find ways to reduce the risk of side effects and drug interaction.

Cystic Fibrosis

As a full-service drugstore, Morris Ave Pharmacy can provide specialty medication for patients with Cystic Fibrosis. Our pharmacists can hold private consultations with the patient or the caregiver/family in acquiring medications that are necessary to treat this health issue. With pharmacy evidence-based practices, we can provide meds that will maintain the patients’ optimum health by reducing symptomatic issues such as lung infections, severe cough, shortness of breath, etc.


With patient-centered care, we can provide diabetic patients with meds and medical supplies that will ease their health issues to the fullest. We offer medical supplies and medications such as insulin syringes, injectable insulin, prescription refills, diabetic control solutions, prescribed diabetes medications, diabetic shoes, insulin pump, glucose monitoring systems, diabetic socks, glucose test strips and lancet supplies.


In the advent of fast-paced pharmaceutical innovation, the issue of infertility can now be treated. With promising results from evidence-based treatments, medications and other pharmaceutical products are within reach for women who wish to become expectant mothers soon. We encourage women to visit our pharmacy at Morris Ave Pharmacy and talk to our pharmacist about Fertility medication. We can also coordinate with your OB-GYN or physician to ensure that the medications you acquire from our drugstore do not interact with any existing medication plan you may be maintaining.


Morris Ave Pharmacy offers specially prepared Hemophilia medication and infusion therapy meds. We provide you with the attention you deserve especially with the health issues you face for this particular condition. Our pharmacy is able to provide factor replacement or coagulation infusion therapy fluids and IV supplies.


Because being a specialty pharmacy means we have to have disease-specific medications in our stores, Morris Ave Pharmacy is well-stocked with medications especially for patients who have been diagnosed with Hepatitis. Our meds can be custom prepared through compounding or ordered specially from the manufacturer in the patient’s behalf. Our medications aim to control symptoms for Hepatitis and prevent health complications as the patient undergoes treatment.


Our pharmacy has HIV/AIDS medications that can be compounded to meet the needs of the patient. In the pharmaceutical market, there already exists symptomatic treatment for HIV and AIDS patients – such can be accessed by patients through our drugstore.

Multiple Sclerosis

The medications you get from Morris Ave Pharmacy are intended to ease your pain and treat symptoms that are caused by Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is when the nervous system is affected by the illness thus reducing range of motion, mobility and other physical functions. Morris Ave Pharmacy will provide for the medications and health care supplies that will help you manage your delicate conditions.

Oncology Therapy

Medications play an important role in the treatment and potential recovery of cancer patients. Morris Ave Pharmacy has pharmacists who can work with oncologists and patients by providing supplemental medicinal therapy during chemotherapy. We issue medications to patients with the focus on pain management and cell repair.

Opioid Dependence

We help opioid-dependent patients with medicinal options to treat their condition. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will work in collaboration with health care professionals, rehabilitation therapists and physicians. Such team work is important in successfully administering medication treatment which involves methadone and buprenorphine maintenance for the patient.

Pain Management

Pain Medications come in many forms – two of the most common forms that are commercially available are topical and oral. At Morris Ave Pharmacy, we offer both topical pain medications and oral medications. There are also intravenous options for pain medication available upon request. Depending on what has been prescribed by your physician, our pharmacist can definitely provide you with sound advice in treating chronic pain with the best medications in the market or customized for your specific health conditions through compounding.


Psoriasis is associated with skin disorders characterized by redness and irritation that recurs throughout a period of years for the patient. At Morris Ave Pharmacy, we offer medications, both oral and topical in form. These medications and skin-care pharmaceutical products are developed to reduce the itching, pain and the spread of skin irritations.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patients facing the challenges of Rheumatoid Arthritis can get medications and topical pain creams from Morris Ave Pharmacy. Our products are specially formulated to treatment joint pain which when left untreated can impede physical activity and ultimately reduce the quality of life for the individual. To avoid degrading your lifestyle with arthritis, proper meds have to be taken and a medication therapy plan should be followed correctly. In these areas, our pharmacists are more than happy to assist.

Renal Dialysis Patients

Prescriptions Medications cannot be separated from Dialysis Treatment. Because the body undergoes so much stress and pain during renal clearance. To mollify the effects, Morris Ave Pharmacy can offer you medications that are of the best quality available in the pharmaceutical market.

Specialty Drugs

Morris Ave Pharmacy holds a wide range of specialty medications for virtually all types of health issues. We work with physicians in fulfilling the patients’ medication plans at the highest quality of products available and at the least cost possible for the patient.

Transgender Hormone Therapy

Pharmacists at Morris Ave Pharmacy are able to work with patients who have undergone organ transplants particularly those surgical procedures that are related to gender changes. As a way to reduce drastic changes after surgery and to maintain hormonal levels for long-term treatment, we offer medications, food supplements and nutraceuticals related to Transgender Hormone Therapy.

Transplant Patients

Organ donors and organ receivers after a transplant need to undergo post-operative treatment. The treatment largely involves quality medications and those medications can be provided by Morris Ave Pharmacy. We have products to reduce pain or scar treatments after the surgical procedure.


Pets receive the same quality customer care that people do at Morris Ave Pharmacy. We offer medications for pet owners and veterinary practice. For furry friends and feathered pals, you can get medications from our drugstore. If a particular medication is not commercially available, our specialty pharmacists can turn to compounding methods to alter the form of the pet drugs or to add flavor that will increase palatability.