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The Low Down on Compounding Services

The Low Down on Compounding Services

Sometimes, the medication that we need to take is not able to fit our situation or our circumstances in their present form. But can we change them to make it more effective for what we need them for? This is where compounding can help. Compounding services are made to alter or modify medication, so that it can better serve you and your needs. These alterations can include ingredient substitution, dosage modification, flavoring, and more. Morris Ave Pharmacy which is one of the best Pharmacies in Bronx, New York can offer this service to you for an affordable price.

  1. Substituting Ingredients

    If you need to take a particular medication in order to battle an illness or a condition that you have, but you cannot because you are allergic to that ingredient, what are you supposed to do in order to get out of this catch-22 situation? The simple answer is compounding. Through compounding services, we are able to substitute or swap out ingredients in the medication you have to take while retaining the effectiveness of the drug.

  2. Altering Dosage

    Is your medication too strong? Or perhaps it is not strong enough? Through compounding services, we are able to alter the dosage in order to best fit your circumstances. We can make the medication the exact dosage that you need, and we can even package it in special packaging that will ensure that you are taking the right meds at the right times.

  3. Adding Flavoring

    If your child needs to take medication, but it is a battle every time you have to give it to them because they hate the way it tastes, you may want to consider adding some flavor to their medication through our compounding services. When it tastes good, they will be more likely to take the medication or at least not give you such a hard time about it!

If you would like to find out more about our services and how we are able to help you through our compounding services or about the many other services we have, please visit our website for more information today. If you have any questions that you are interested in asking us, please give us a call now at 718-292-2500. Do not just deal with medication that does not suit you perfectly, but rather have it custom made to your needs through compounding!


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