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Transgender Hormone Therapy: What is About?

Transgender Hormone Therapy: What is About?

Hormones are powerful chemicals that help control your bodily functions. Transgender transitioning from male to female or female to male would particularly be about two hormones: androgen and estrogen. These chemicals are potent enough to signal the body about the secondary sex characteristic which it has to manifest. Abundance of one hormone than the other could result in changes in the pitch of voice, physique, hair distribution, skin smoothness, among others.

Puberty is a very distressing phase among transgender because it is at this stage that the physical attributes are accentuated where maleness and femaleness become very visible. This causes gender dysphoria among transgender individuals because their secondary sex characteristics are not in line with what they feel now and thus resulting in so much distress.

The perfect solution to address the issue is by undergoing hormone replacement therapy. This means that transgenders would experience the “second puberty” wherein the secondary sex characteristics are now remodeled to be in tune with the gender identity they wish to assume.

Onset of Therapy

For the trans women, hormone blockers such as antiandrogen are received together with estrogen, which is the female hormone. As for trans men, testosterone is the hormone used to make apparent the male characteristics. The recommendation as to when the therapy is to be initiated will depend on the psychosocial assessment, such that transgenders will need to undergo “real life test” by assuming their preferred gender for a period of at least 12 months.

However, it should be noted that you can’t decide what characteristic you want to see out from the hormonal treatment that you are receiving because the effects will vary from one person to another. Further, gradual changes happen to the body and results may show up after a year or 3 years of treatment. Furthermore, it is important to also understand that treatment has to be maintained for life.

Changes During Estrogen Therapy

Those trans women who are beginning their transition can opt to get estrogen by patch, oral, or through injection. The dosage needed may vary and will likely be affected by the stage in which you are transitioning, your current health, and your preference. You need to be aware that there is a proliferation of fake hormones, which is a health risk, thus get it only from trusted pharmacy such as Morris Ave Pharmacy. By availing of quality hormone replacement, you will begin to experience softening in your skin, re-distribution of fat, and gain a more feminine physique among others.

Changes During Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone can be injected or applied via a patch by trans men when they begin their transition phase. Male characteristics will start to show up and changes such as an increase in muscle mass, distribution of facial and body hair, deepening of voice, increased libido, baldness and acne will develop. It should also be noted that menstrual period will stop once testosterone therapy is initiated; however, this does not make the therapy a reliable form of contraception. If you believe that you are at risk for pregnancy, you need to consult medical assistance in terms of contraception.

The reality is that there a number of trans people who are purchasing their needed hormone from non-pharmaceutical distributors because it is cheap and therapy is not covered by their insurance or they just don’t want to seek medical help. It is necessary to encourage these trans people to seek medical help in order that risks and adverse reactions associated with taking these hormones will be minimized. For example, a Pharmacy in Bronx, New York could initiate an information drive regarding hormone replacement therapy in order that trans people who are skeptical about getting professional medical treatment will have sufficient knowledge and be convinced to tap appropriately trained physicians. This will likewise allow them to build a close relationship with the healthcare team in order that their holistic being and welfare is carefully looked after.

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