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What You Don’t Know about HIV/AIDS (nature of aids, causes, effects and risk)

In the past few years, there has been an increasing number of people who are affected by HIV. According to the Planned Parenthood Organization, there are about 40,000 people diagnosed with HIV in the United States alone. Imagine how many more people are affected with HIV around the world. For years, HIV or AIDS is one of the most dreaded diseases that everyone wants to avoid. But somehow through constant physical contact and poor hygiene, such virus has spread in exponential numbers.

Although medicine has become more advanced and more effective cures have been discovered to fight the HIV virus, the alarming rate of HIV-infected victims is still the same. Being one of the trusted pharmacies in Bronx, New York, Morris Ave Pharmacy, we make it a point that we do not only sell quality drugs but we inform the people as well.

What is the nature of HIV/AIDS?
HIV is the abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a virus that destroys the cells in the immune system which protects our body from bacteria and other foreign microorganisms that could affect our health. Since the HIV virus will attack and destroy our immune systems, it makes our body susceptible to diseases and cancers of different types. If we can treat HIV in its early stage, then we can prevent it from further destroying the cells in our body. However, if we fail to do so, it may worsen and eventually become AIDS.

The spread of HIV has become unstoppable because many are not educated as to its symptoms and its causes. Many are not informed about the gravity of such disease. In fact, HIV can be acquired from the simple things that we normally do. According to, HIV can spread through sexual contact, blood, fluids from genitals or even through breastfeeding. Because these things are normal human actions, we would never think that this could help spread the virus. But the facts are telling us, that indeed, physical contact could be the primary culprit of such disease.

What are the symptoms of AIDS?
During the early stages of HIV infection, we might not feel alarmed as we will only experience flu, diarrhea, cough and colds. These are normal effects when our immune system is low. However, if we can notice that such simple flu, cough, and colds do not seem to stop at all, then we might as well pay our doctors a visit.

In addition to those symptoms mentioned above and a severely damaged immune system, Planned Parenthood Organization has also included other clear symptoms of AIDS:

  • Vaginal yeast infections
  • Dramatic weight loss that is not caused by exercise or diet
  • Frequent fevers or night sweats
    swelling or hardening of glands located in the throat, armpit, or groin periods of persistent, deep, dry coughing
    unexplained bleeding from growths on the skin, from the mouth, nose, anus, or vagina, or from any opening in the body
  • At a glance, we might think that these symptoms might be the precursor to other minor diseases or just due to stress. However, you must not leave it unexamined by your doctor. Once you see abnormal changes in your body, have it checked right away.

How can we treat AIDS?
Up to this date, despite being equipped with modern science, there is no “real” cure for AIDS yet. There could be some effective prescription drugs that doctors can recommend but it has no assurance yet that it can really cure the virus totally. What our experts can suggest is early treatment from the time HIV symptoms are monitored. The earlier it is treated, the bigger chance you have to stop it from developing to AIDS.

Indeed, when it comes to our health, we need to work hand in hand to live a better life. As one of the trusted healthcare and medicine providers today, we do not just want people to buy medicines from us at Morris Ave Pharmacy. We want them to talk to us and let us understand their health concerns. We want to be involved in every treatment process of our patient.

So, if you have any medical needs or you want to learn more about HIV/AIDS, feel free to consult us. You can call us at 718-292-2500 or check our website

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